As We Wait

Today, I had planned on running my regular 3 mile Tuesday night run. As I left work, the wind was whipping around so I was back and forth about going. As I got home, I realized I needed to do something. Either it was going to be a run or a bike ride. There was not going to be a 'nothing' on the workout log tonight.

I decided since I am still a bit sore from Sunday's run, I would switch things up a bit and bike. The longest I have been on the bike is 15 minutes, so as punishment to myself if I wasn't going to do what I thought I was going to do (my 3 mile run), I was going to push myself on the bike. And that's exactly what I did. I was going to peddle away for 30 minutes. Now 30 minutes doesn't seem like much to some of you, but for me, it's a lot. I've been on the bike twice since Osana has joined the family and it's been exactly twice since 2006.

So how did I do? Well, let's track back. My last 2 times have been around 11 mph for 10 and 15 minutes each. Uggg...I mean I know I haven't been on the bike for over 2 years-but, for real....11mph? I thought...okay...I have a long way to go-but was okay with it. I just figured I had more work to do than what I first thought. Doable...just more to put into it.

So, downstairs I go after getting home and kissing Doug and Ned. Poor Doug, healing from his sprain, I left him sitting on the couch. Poor thing about ready to go stir crazy. He never sits for long-let alone for 2 days straight cuz he can't walk.

Hydration in hand, the House marathon on tv, Osana and I go at it. I have my phone-check the time. Alright. Peddle. Peddle. Peddle. I like the idea of the tv being on cuz it keeps me from looking down to rest my neck. When I'm not watching something, I look directly down at the floor. Not a good strategy for when I actually hit the road and have to look forward.

10 minutes down. 15 minutes down. At this time, I thought I might just do 20 minutes. Why not? It's more than what I have done before. Still an improvement, right? I'm getting worn down. Remember, there's no wind to coast. No downhill to guide you faster. 20 minutes hit and I decide for forge forward. Just another 10 minutes. Make it count. Peddle away girl. And that I did.

I'm not sure what changed from the last 2 times, but something did. Not sure if my gears were switched or what, but this ride was fast. Much...much faster than the last 2. I averaged a 20 mph 30 minute ride! Rock On!

When all was done, I was tired, but felt exhilarated.

With my knees a knockin', I came upstairs and was able to get Doug to hobble on a walk with Mols and me. Then it was time for a yummy dinner, some red wine, Ghiradelli dark chocolate raspberry squares and some tv election results.

I predict heart burn and a hangover tomorrow. And not just from the wine, but from something that is going to last much longer.


  1. Great job! I need to get back out on my bike!

  2. Nice to get through it! Seriously, way to push yourself, I always am in the same boat with eh, maybe I can stop now. Once you get going though it's so much easier!