A Shirt That Races Does Dallas...I mean San Antonio

Thanks Shoe Running for sending A Shirt That Races. I received it today from the FedEx man.

We're headed off to Texas bright and early tomorrow to run the Inaugural RNR San Antonio Marathon.

I do not have any goals for this race except to have a good time. Depending on how Doug does with his ankle, we'll probably stick together.

Looking forward to the River Walk, a couple margaritas and some great weather.

Remember (me at) the Alamo!


  1. ohhhh you are racing too! i will add you to my list :) GOOD LUCK!

  2. Good luck Kim! I can't wait to read all about it :)

  3. Best of luck, run like the wind, and HAVE FUN!!!

  4. Yeah!! It came :) Knew it would. Kick some butt and have a great time!

  5. Good luck this weekend Kim! Take some pics of you in that shirt. PS - could you tell me the best Kansas marathon to run?