Grapes Galore and Lazy Bones Finally Gets Out for a Run

A sampling of grapes from our backyard...

We have several different varieties-both white and purple. We did some taste testing and they are pretty darn good. The purple ones have a really nice Concord flavor. The white ones are still a little sour yet and probably need to stay on the vine a bit longer.

This is our third year since we planted them and the second year they have produced. This year we have an abundance...they are everywhere. I have no idea what we're going to do with so many grapes. I'm suggesting a Grape Stompin' Party so Doug can make some wine. Any takers? Stephanie??

8:23 PM Sunday Night...
Finally. Finally got in a run. After another late night I slept in again til around 8:30 this morning. I'm not sure what my late nights are all about. I'm usually an early to bed early to rise kinda gal but it must be the Olympics that have me all mixed up. So I get up and one of my favorite shows is on. I love the Sunday Morning show so I sat down and watched that this morning, did some work around the house and the day got away from me. Later in the evening I was needing to get out. I was feeling blah and knew if I just got out and did something active I would feel better. So I told Doug I was going for a walk or run or walk/run...whatever I felt like once I got out there. I also told him I was going anywhere from a half a mile to ten miles I wasn't sure. As he laughed, I headed out the door. I headed down the new trail they are constructing right around the corner from our house, some of it is still dirt some is gravel. Doug and I are taking bets on when it will ever get finished. I felt good...light...my legs were strong. So different than what my body felt like earlier in the day. I headed up into Ernie Miller Park and hit the trail trails for a couple miles then continued on to the new trail system again. Had a great run. Covered 8 miles and then came back to take Mols for a walk.

I'm still behind on my 4 miler. I'll get up tomorrow morning and do it. That way I'll be back on track.

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  1. I just love the new look, LOVE IT!

    Nice photo's of the grapes, you could win an award with those !!! I'm in for the stomp'n party!

    Glad you got out for your run, it always makes you feel better doesn't it!

    Oh, nice that Mols got treats and a walk ....