Ready for the Weekend!

Things are just plain nuts around here right now!
  • I just looked up my grades online only to find out I got an F in one of my classes. An F? I'll give you an F...WTF?! I received nothing but A's in my class so it's obviously a mistake-it's just the hassle of getting it straightened out with the school.
  • Then I'm in the middle of applying for and receiving reimbursement from work for school and jacked that all up so I had to start from scratch. Yikes! I'm a mess today. And then I can't very well apply for reimbursement when I have an F sitting on my transcript at this time. Not sure they will pay for that one (until it's fixed).
  • Update: Just got a call from my instructor. She says it is definitely a mistake and she will take the necessary steps to correct it! Whoo Hoo!

Breathe in...Breathe out...Deep breath...It's time for the weekend.

Saw UltraMarathon Man last night. It was great! If you get the opportunity to see it-do. It's so worth it. Something that Dean said in the movie really stuck with me. I guess it may be because it's what I was trying to convey yesterday. But he summed it up in one sentence. If you do not continue moving forward, you stagnate and die. So true. So true.

And Helen, our assistant coach with Team In Training was actually IN the movie. That was fun to see her up there on the big screen and to hear squeals in the movie theater last night when she saw herself on the big screen-it cracked me up. She went and ran with Dean on his very first marathon of his 50-50-50 adventure.

This weekend is going to be a busy one.

  • Scraping more popcorn crap off the ceiling
  • Painting
  • Replacing light switches and light switch covers
  • Fish Fry
  • Running Saturday morning
  • Running Sunday morning
  • Purchasing new lights for the ceiling for when it gets primed and painted
  • Pick the last of the peaches on the tree
  • Pick new red raspberries that are ready. This is a different variety than the ones we had earlier. Can't wait to try them!

And...last night when we were at the theater, I heard a song playing from the musical Wicked which made me think...is there a Wicked MOVIE coming out? Did some searching online and I think there is-there is just no date set as of yet. Very exciting and I can't wait-yet nothing could be like the on stage musical.

So...have great training or races this weekend! Enjoy life to the fullest! And don't stagnate.

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  1. Wish we lived closer! Your energy is exactly what I need right now!!

    Have a great weekend, give Doug and Mols a hug for me!! Glad your teacher got all of that straightend out for you....good job on your grades!!