Molly 18...Max 8...Kim 8

Molly has won. Max has decided to nest back home. Luckily, he was even able to go home. He seems to be doing much better after she decided to 'play' with him. I think he'll be making a full recovery. Doug and I were really starting to like the little...uhh...big booger. I think Molly did too-just on a psychotic level.

As far as running my 18 miles Saturday-that didn't happen. Doug and I woke up at 4:30 am to rain, but more importantly for us, a lightning storm. It didn't stop by 6:00 am when run group was supposed to start so we had to cancel the run. Rain is fine...lightning is not. So we sat around and caught up with those we hadn't seen in a while and were able to get acquainted with newbies we haven't had the chance of getting to know. So my 18 miles on Saturday turned into 8 miles on Sunday. No worries though. I'll get 18 knocked out in two weeks and it will fit just right into my 50K schedule.

My miles Sunday worked out to:
Mile 1 11:15
Mile 2 11:08
Mile 3 11:46 (Water Stop)
Mile 4 10:28
Mile 5 12:37 (Water Stop)
Mile 6 11:26
Mile 7 12:49 (Water Stop)
Mile 8 11:21

Average 11:33

What a beautiful morning. We went out to Heritage Park to run the loop around the lake.
It's so peaceful...


  1. What a beautiful picture! I am so excited for you doing your 50K!

  2. Whew, glad everything worked out well, lilke the new look and "Kimpossible", cute!

    You should enter that photo in a contest, you'd win hands down!

  3. that storm sucked! I think it screwed up everyone's running plans.. at least you got to hang out and have a good time.