Let the Games Begin

I'm excited about the Olympics and always have been. I like to watch these amazing athletes give it their all. I sit (usually on the couch with some yummy ice cream) in awe of them and what they can accomplish-talk about heart and dedication. What is sad to me is to imagine being one of the top notch athletes and coming to the Olympics only to have to worry about your health if you're participating in an outdoor event. With the pollution, I wonder what percentage of outdoor events will be completed. Last I heard, they have not even scheduled the marathons as they were afraid of the pollution issues. How sad. Hopefully they will get to run them.

Onto My Games This Weekend Sans Pollution:

Psycho Night 10K Trail Run-8:00 pm tonight
16 Mile Training Run-6:00 am tomorrow
I'm going to skip my Sunday run in place of my trail run tonight.
Gonna be All Shook Up at the New Theatre this weekend too. I should have burnt a few calories by then to be able to gorge on some great food and fabulous dessert at the dinner theater.

Am pondering my big next year's event. I don't want to let the cat out of the bag as I haven't committed to it yet. Still thinking...is this really what I want to do? And it's only August. I'll sleep on it a few more nights (or months) and see what I think in a few winks.

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