Potty Break WITHOUT the Phone People

What is with people?
Can they not quit talking on their phone for 30 seconds to utilize the restroom?
A public restroom at that. No!
That's what this chick at work just did. She walked in right after I did and took the stall right next to me while she was carrying on a conversation on her phone.
I find this repulsive. And there is not a lot that does.
So I tried my best to let one rip. I wanted it loud and mean but there was nothing to give-just a grunt-hee hee.
So I flushed the toilet-just to make some noise.
Ah...how about again.
Oh...What? Repeat that cuz you can't hear cuz there is a toilet flushing.


  1. I hear ya. That's one of my big peeves too. I see our sales people doing it all the time while talking to their clients! I too make as much noise as possible and dare them to make a dirty face at me.

    BTW, if you work at the great big phone place that I think you work at, isn't that allowed? Just wondering if there's some leniency in the telecom industry for that kind of behavior.

  2. If you can hear a 'pin drop' you shouldn't want/need to hear anything else drop!

  3. LMFAO....OH GAWD KIM, you crack me right UP!!!

    too ffffuuunnnyyyy

  4. LOL. You are funny!! ITA agree. Some people are ewwwww..

  5. U R Baddddddddd. She could have been talking to Prez Bush about that Russia/Georgia thang. I hope they get that fixed before I getto Atlanta.

  6. OMG! What the hell is wrong with people! I love your approach with this fool though and I give you an A+ for style!