Is it Stalking if it's Accidental?

So I'm driving into work this morning and happen upon a fellow friend I know from the blogosphere. I almost got out at the light and knocked on your window but I thought that would Really Freak you out!

Is it YOU I stalked today?


  1. Not me, but it would be creepy. LOL. Just kidding, it would awesome to meet a fellow blogger!

  2. Alright Marci...I'm not THAT creepy! LOL! Goose.

  3. Sure as Hell wasn't me...or was it...mmmmmm,

    Just kidding....Who WAS it?!

  4. The suspense is killing us. Describe the car, describe the car!

  5. Let's see...
    White Toyota (I think)
    Male Driver
    License Plate that says TOPHR
    Could it be???

  6. Oh, so close, but no cigar. If it were a blue Toyota with a plain old JO Co. license plate then you'd have been an official stalker. But alas, just some other guy trying to be just like me.

  7. OMG!!! I am SOOO glad I didn't knock on 'your' window then if it wasn't you!

    I would have put big money down. I can't imagine anyone else running around with Tophr license plates!! Their nerve!

  8. That's pretty funny. I would expect you to get out and tap on my window if you suspect it's me. You'll know by the stickers on the back window of my truck, 26.2 and other assorted Michigan teams