Holy Schnikes Batman!

I have just about scared the pants off myself.

I just put together my training schedule (with my favorite Coach's help-wink wink). Scare me! What have I gotten myself into? I know I can do it but it's going to be a lot of hard work and a lot of running. I have 5 races in an 8 week period. One of those is a 5K...so really 4 big races in 7 weeks time. This is how it pans out...

Nike Women's Marathon
Week Off
Bass Pro Shop Half Marathon
Week Off
San Antonio Marathon
Week Off
Dude, Where's the Trail 50K

And all with back to back long running days to get ready for The Goofy Challenge which is 5 weeks out from my 50K. Whew...I'm worn out just typing this!

1 50K...2 Marathons...and 1 Half Marathon all in less than 2 moths time!
I think I can...I think I can...I think I can. I know I can...I know I can...I know I can!


  1. Wow, you have come a long way Kim. You and Doug inspire me, I'm amazed all the tough races you guys run with very little rest. Keep it up!

  2. I know you can too!

    Good for you! Man, I need your energy!

  3. I'm going to echo Lily and say I know you can too. You rock!! I look forward to reading all of the race reports.