The Time Has Come

For a couple of things.

First...some new kicks. It was time to break them out. They've been crying 'pick me...pick me...you never take me anywhere' for quite some time. So after my 3 mile run tonight, my body was starting to feel a little tweaky so thought the time has come to break 'em out.

The picture appears a little blurry. This is no mistake. That is because these babies are already movin'. They are fast suckers. I can already feel it! Vroom...Vroom...It'll be like running on Cloud 9 in my Asics Cumulus 10's. However sitting here I thought I bought the Numbus. I'll have to think about if I want to take these back and get what I thought I had or hang with these. Both are a great shoe. I'm sure either will make me super fast. New shoes always do that.

Second...we have bridges! After our run tonight, to cool down, we took Ned out for a walk on the trail. They were busy today installing two new bridges. Last night we walked the path and they weren't there. Love to see progress! Soon we'll be able to host some runs from our house. That will be fun!

My runs have been going well. Tonight we started out and my legs felt pretty heavy. I could have sunk to the bottom of a pond today if someone threw me in. Once we got going, I thought I was going to heave a lung up...Doug is too damn fast for me these days but I still felt like we were going slow. Remember slow is a relative term for you speedsters out there. We finished our 3 miles averaging a 10:48 pace and that is after I made him walk a ton between the 2nd and 3rd mile. I am pretty happy with that.

Tomorrow is our Thursday Night Run and afterwards we're headed to a fundraiser for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Gotta love pigging out in the name of charity!


  1. You guys are amazing, all the things you do...btw, nice new kicks..

    Glad Mols had a chance to check out the new bridges....

    Scarf a wing for me too please....

  2. Kim, I bought the Nimbus last time (since they were on sale) after wearing Cumulus for years. Frankly, I don't notice any difference.

    BTW....thanks for the update on those 50K's. You had me convinced to do Flatrock. I checked out their website, was all ready to sign up, then realized it's the morning after we go to see Jim Gaffigan in a late night show. Oh well, maybe next year. sounds like a great race.

  3. Thanks! Then I'll probably stick with these then. However the Nimbus does come in pink!

    Awww man...that would have been fun! But you'll have a good time seeing Jim Gaffigan. We will get together sometime!