Hodge Podge

Friday Night
Got together with the girls for dinner and then to see Jack Johnson. What a great time. Great music, great friends, a full moon with a perfectly clear sky and cool night. I love to people watch and this was the place to be. I never have see such a mish mash of people. We had soccer moms trashed, the upper crust, the hippies, the dope smokers-lots of dope smokers, and more kids than I have ever seen. I hadn't realized that Jack's crowd were into the weed. But after I got there and saw how many there were, I realized well...if Jack's music makes me relaxed I see how it can make them even more relaxed. Very interesting crowd. I've also never seen more men in one place swaying to and fro to the music. Everyone had a great time.

Well...I was going to get up and run this morning. That didn't happen. Jack kept me up too late last night so I decided to sleep in. And enjoyed every wink. Only to find out I missed meeting Topher as he ran into Team In Training and met Doug today. I'm going to meet you one of these days!

Met Doug for lunch after run group and we sat outside on the patio and basked in the sun and had a yummy lunch. Then we ran to the store to grab some more paint. And now the painting downstairs is D.O.N.E! Thank goodness. We (ha...Doug) still has the ceiling to plaster-but the walls are completed.

Took the pup for a jeep ride. We actually had someone pull over and get out dog treats for Molly. How funny.

Read Cynical Mud Babe's blog to find out she shaved her head. A friend of hers has cancer and recently needed to shave her head so to show support she shaved her head as well. What a friend! And she looks adoreable!

Saturday Night
Turned on the boob tube, I'm in the mood to obey, so lead me astray...sorry...singing Jack...to find the women's marathon being run. I caught the tail end. So much for what the schedule said. Then it was time for swimming. WOW...knock your socks off. First Phelps and his 8 for 8 gold medals...14 in his career and he's 23 years old! That is one fine specimen. To see him in the water is just beautiful. Then the men's 100 meter being run in 9.69 by Usain Bolt from Jamaica. He is CRAZY fast! And the thing is-he let up probably10-15 meters out. And he ran it like it was nothing.

Now it's off to bed so I'll get my booty up tomorrow to go for a run. It's supposed to be another beautiful day. I can't wait!

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