A Little Sumthin'

As you can see I've made a few changes. I REALLY like my new layout and colors. It reminds me of a gift I received last week from my friend Stephanie.

I still have a few things to add back but it's always a work in progress.

I've been in a funk the past few days and I know exactly what it is. It's one main thing-but a combination of two things:
  • PMS
  • Not Working Out

So...I can't do much about the PMS but I am getting ready to run upstairs to grab my tennies and head to our TNR. It is icky out and may be raining when we get there which will not bother me in the least. I'll just pack an extra set of clothes so I can enjoy my jalapeno, pineapple, ricotta cheese calzone nice and dry. Mmm...If this doesn't get me out of my funk, nothing will!


  1. VERY NICE!!

    I love it!

    Hope you had fun last night...yumm, the calzone sounds fabulous. Wish you were closer, we'd have a blast.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new layout! Beautiful.. fits you to a T.
    I'm with you on the whole staying up way too late watching the 'lympics.. and the good stuff is just getting started! If you don't already have a run planned for Sunday, we're meeting at Wyco at 7:15 for a slow 10 mile loop!