It's Monday...Time to Relax

Whew what a weekend...Busy Busy. Time to come back to work and relax.

I ran both Saturday and Sunday. I think this is going to pretty much be the norm until January. It went very well. I kicked butt again this week on my Sunday run. Not sure what that is all about-but I love it! It wasn't easy-I was in overdrive but it felt good to finish so strong.

Saturday Coach just had us run 6 miles instead of 8. Can't very well argue with the Coach, right? I ended up running with some alumni that I normally don't run with. It was nice to catch up and get their perspective and some insight on the Goofy Challenge as they ran it last year. Poor Pam has asthma and the heat and humidity were giving her huge fits. We started off great and then she had to settle down a few miles in as she could hardly breath. I could have left her in her dust-as I was smokin' Saturday but I believe you should stay with the one that brought you to the dance. So we did a run/walk on the way back in. Actually still averaged an 11:49 for the 6 miles-so not too bad.
Mile 1 10:02-WHAT IS THIS??? Can it be true? That really is a TEN O TWO (and with walk breaks)
Mile 2 13:07-Water Stop
Mile 3 10:06-Whose legs am I running on?? Can I keep them?
Mile 4 13:31-Water Stop
Mile 5 11:37
Mile 6 12:41

Then Sunday morning I get up to run my 4 miler. Had another great run. Averaged a 10:54 pace!
Mile 1 11:18
Mile 2 10:38
Mile 3 10:42
Mile 4 11:00
Very Very Happy with my running lately. Not sure how this is happening with the heat and humidity as it's been-but again-I'll take it!

Update on the renovations of the house:
The popcorn crap is ALL OFF the ceiling! Whooo Hooo!! What a mess.
I thought that was a mess until Doug came home to sand the ceiling before he primers it. Now that is one huge disaster. Our house is in shambles right now, but by tonight after he gets just the wee bit left he needs to, we'll be able to start cleaning up all the dust that sits about 3 inches deep on everything. Doug keeps reminding me that it was meee that wanted to start this project. What was I thinking? It'll be beautiful once it is done and the worst part is over with now so everything is looking up from here!

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