I've Got Nuthin'

Workouts for the week: A big ole 0
I'll drag my ass out tonight to our TNR. My mouth is watering for some yummy d'Bronx pizza afterwards.

What have I been doing then?
  • Sitting on my bum watching the Olympics. Even now, I'm at home working, with the TV on, watching swimming. The Olympics have kept me up way too late.
  • Painting. Is it ever going to end? Who started this project?
  • Cruisin' around in Doug's pretty new ride.

I'm tired. Just plum worn out lately. Crazy that not working out and sitting on the couch can wear you down so much. Tonight's run will do me good.

Looks like the women's marathon will be 8.17.08 (this Sunday) and the men's marathon will be 8.24.08 (next Sunday). Looks like the women's triathlon finals will be 8.18.08 (Monday) and the men's triathlon finals will be 8.19.08 (Tuesday).


  1. Sounds like someone needs to take a look at their own sidebar. All that motivational stuff you have and 'you got Nuthin'? Have fun tonight.......

  2. I hear you, I'm swamped at work and not getting any workouts done, NONE...

    Hang in there!