Big Bird is in the House

Maximus is well...Maximus! He is Huge. He is a green winged Macaw and is visiting or staying for...well...that's yet to be determined. He is beautiful and so fun. So what does he provide for the family? Well...he talks, squawks and dances.

This is Maximus in his cage after we set it up. Molly is so intrigued with him. She has been in the above position for what seems like all night. She has NO IDEA what to think of him. I'm thinking Mols thinks he might 'taste like chicken'. She is a droolin' fool right now.

Mind you, in this cage he doesn't look very big. But pay attention to how big the cage really is. It's bigger and taller than our fireplace!


  1. OMG, he is GORGEOUS!!

    Nice that Mols now has a playmate! :^)

    your house looks lovely!!!

  2. Um, you guys baby sitting this fella?

  3. Yeah...we don't know. Tell ya a lot?