A Rainy but Great TNR

As we head to the Plaza tonight for our TNR (Thursday Night Run), the nasty clouds are rollin' in along with the lightning...again. Didn't we just do this Saturday morning? Once the girls get there, the first downpour is over so they and Doug decide to head out. I, on the other hand, sit this run out and instead stake claim at the bar as I know it's going to start pouring once they get started.

But before I head in, I run to Three Dog Bakery to get Mols some treats...

Now how adorable are these treats?!

By the time I pick out her treats and head back to the restaurant, it's pouring...not raining...pouring. So I bust my butt to get across the street and not long after that, here come the pack of wet dogs from their run. I'm so glad I didn't head out with them! I'm going to do my run tomorrow morning! Hopefully when it's dry. And if it's not, it'll be where I can run 3, come home and dry off instead of sitting in cold, wet clothes for hours while hanging out having dinner and end up getting diaper rash.

As we're chit chatting and having a good time, a lady walks up with a young boy. She had heard about the fundraiser tonight and wanted to come out to support it. Her son, three years ago TODAY, was taken to Children's Mercy Hospital only to find out that he had Leukemia. He is in remission now after a long journey. He seems to be a very active, normal boy now which is exactly what we want! They were fun to talk with and everyone had a great night. The mom is actually going to join Team In Training next year and train for a half marathon.

So we get home and Mols is going bonkers for her treats. She LOVES them. As you can see, she's as lightning fast as my new kicks...giving the camera a hard time trying to take a still picture...

Off to bed and snuggle up to listen to the thunder (ahhh...) so I'll get my arse up tomorrow morning to run. Tomorrow is the start of a nice, long holiday weekend. Everyone racing or training, have a great weekend. Actually, that goes for everyone, even if you're not racing or training! But a special 'WHOO HOO' out to Laurel...have a GREAT Try-A-Tri! You are going to have so much fun! We'll be reading next about your IM adventures!

Sweet Dreams...


  1. I'll be hitting Indian Creek Trail this Saturday, so if TNT's out again, I'll be on the lookout. Probably be hitting Roe park around 6:45-7ish if I get up on time. Maybe earlier if it's going to be hot.

  2. ahhh, little Mols, she is such a lucky little lady!!

    thanks so much for the wooo hooo! OMG, you'll be with me every stroke, spin, step of the way!! Thanks Kim....