What a movie! Let's start from the beginning-last week. Mom invited me to see the movie so we had made plans to see it-then last Thursday at our Thursday Night Run, Jenny mentioned wanting to see it. So we made plans for this Thursday Night Run to see the movie instead of gorging our faces with quesadillas. So last night that's exactly what we did.

Mom and I met up with the group around 7:00 as I skipped the run and instead went and ate Thai beforehand-a favorite of ours! We went in to find seats and it was insane-women everywhere-chatting it up. How we found 6 seats together-I have no idea (and then even at that-a couple girls sat in a different spot)-the place was PACKED! There were people sitting in the front row-that's how crazy it was. I didn't know at the time-but we were lucky enough to sit in the very back row-what a sight to see!

The Movie:

  • Rocked! The music was so fun and sitting in the back row brought such pleasure being able to watch others in the theater dancing in their chairs or tapping their toes-it was so fun to see EVERYONE (yes-I think Doug even had a great time being the ABBA fan he is!) having such a great time.
  • FUNNY-Laugh Out Loud through the whole thing
  • Touched my heart-I honestly cried (and laughed) through the whole movie
  • Filmed on a Greek isle! Ocean scenes were amazing!
  • The ending is a riot! Half the theatre was (US (minus Doug) included) out of their seats dancing in the aisles-kid you not! Some girls even broke out glow sticks!
  • Great for everyone-young and old-maybe not so much males that may not be ABBA fans-but again, I think Doug had a good time-correct me Hon if I'm wrong)
  • 007 singing-well...good thing I don't have a keen ear for that sorta thing-so I thought it was okay-it's not the best singing-but just to see him in that roll was a hoot
  • Never have I heard so much cheering, clapping and singing at the end of a movie
  • It Was A Blast!

If you've had a tough week...go see this movie. If it doesn't lift your spirits you might as well dig yourself a grave cuz you're dead.

This is the best-light-crack you up-goofy movie. A SOOOO MUST See!

Have a great weekend. Marci-best of luck in the Jay Challenge!


  1. Sounds like the perfect movie for me to go watch this week! What fun!

  2. Yes, I'm going to go, hopefully this week some night after payday and of course work!

    Thanks Ebert!!! Good review....

  3. this is one of the few plays i've actually seen, which ended up being great... it's funny to think of ol' Pierce taking a stab at singing, yeeesh

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