Yes I Love It!

Last night was my last Weight Training class. I loved this class. It was difficult but a ton of fun and I can feel the strength it afforded me after all of my hard efforts. So on Monday we maxed out on a ton of different exercises. Becky, who turned out to be a great work out buddy, and I got through all of our exercises and handed them in to Coach. Every single one of the boys did not finish their maxes so they finished up last night. Coach knew that Becky and I were serious about continuing to work out after class ended so he took all our maxes-jacked around with the numbers for us and presented us with the intermediate class work out-for the whole semester! So now I have all my exercises, reps, weights, everything-for another 18 weeks-2 times a week! Whoo Hoo!!

So Becky and I worked through Day 1 of our new work out schedule and then went outside to do our stairs and ramp routine. When we came back in-the boys are nowhere to be found-gone. Coach was there and Becky was like, "where are the boys?" Well, Coach had let them go. So they just maxed the rest of their stuff and left and I know one boy only had one exercise left on his sheet-Lazy Fart! But they didn't get the full intermediate program Coach gave us-so Nah! Becky and I came in, did our ab exercises as we always do and then we were walking out of the training room for the last time. I'm like, "No...we have to end this class like we have all others." Becky and Coach just laughed. After every class, Coach would make us 'break'. We would all put in one hand and together as a class on the count of three yell, "YES I LOVE IT!" so that is exactly what we did...Becky, Coach and me.

I will miss class but I'm so excited he gave us the next workout schedule so I can continue where we left of-how awesome!


  1. Way to go Kimbo! You are such a stud!!

  2. Wow Kim - I am so impressed by all of your running adventures. Holy Cow! Especially the 50K trail run. What a way to celebrate your birthday. And the Goofy, of course. I wanted to try that this year but Team Virginia decided not to do Disney this time, and I really like doing my events for TNT.

    I was in Kansas and Missouri just two weeks ago to visit my brother, who is dealing with prostate cancer. (Looks like they got it all.)

    Thanks for doing TNT, and have fun with all of your events.
    Art in Virginia