So Fun

4th of July...What a beautiful day. We couldn't have asked for anything better then the blue skies and 80 degree weather. The day was supposed to start at 5:00 am when our alarm sounded. We were planning to run the Lenexa Freedom run 5K. But...Thursday night after our run, some of us stayed a bit later than expected as we stayed and played trivia. It was a ton of fun but it's been a long time since we've stayed out that late. So...the snooze went on and we slept in til 8:00ish.

Before heading to Doug's parents, we made a pit stop at Karen's to drop off Fric's birthday present. Then we were off to see Doug's mom, dad and daughter. When we arrived-the spread was already out and the burgers were ready to be devoured. Doug's mom is always making something homemade-today-one of my favorites...pickles! I was in heaven. We had a huge array of yummies with the usual 4th of July stuff. Later...after the food settled, we hauled the ladder up to pick the last of the cherries, also picked mulberries and red raspberries. Their blackberries are just getting ready to turn so we'll need to make another trip down soon.

After eating...and more eating...and picking cherries and throwing them at each other and eating more, we decided to head down and check out our new dirt. Doug's dad took us around the property on his little 4 wheeler that is kinda like a souped up golf cart. It gets around his land like no tomorrow-zooming around. Below are a couple pictures:

The grass is way tall right now. Doug's dad is going to cut it for hay soon. Our pond is a little dirty with all the rain we've had lately but I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! We talked to the neighbor and he said he thinks we have fish in the pond. I'm not much of a fisherman, but it's nice to know for those who would like to come down and play. We have a lot of trees on the property so that is nice too.

After checking out the land, we came back and visited some more. Every time we went to leave, another conversation came up. I hate to leave because we have such a great time every time we come down. So...4 hours after we intended to leave the first time, we headed out-for real this time. On our way back-we were heading East to West across the city. We got into Lee's Summit and their fireworks display was going on. Then we were able to see Blue Springs, came up on Leawood Park's display, then Corporate Woods and finally Shawnee Mission's display. It was so fun to truck on down the highway and hit all of these beautifully huge displays. I couldn't have asked for a better ending to such a great day.

5th of July-got up bright and early to get things set out for the TEAM. We ran 8 miles this morning. I had a great run for as late as we got to bed and all the 'stuff' I ate yesterday. I averaged in the 11's and felt good.

After the run, we came back and loaded up a bunch of crap we didn't need anymore...extra bed frames, end tables and some other large furniture we needed to get rid of. It was nice to get it out of the way so we have more storage for things we do need. Doug has worked his tail off-as usual...mowing, working on the stairs and other tid bits around. I picked some more raspberries and we put them in the freezer for raspberry smoothies later. Mols is zonked out as she's been for a walk and played with her floppy Frisbee she loves so much.

Tomorrow-I think Doug's getting up to run in a 10 mile race. I'm going to sleep in, do some homework and laundry. I don't want the weekend to end!

Strawberry Hill Runner-I hope you had a GREAT 50K at Psycho Wyco. I can't wait to hear about it. I bet it was a great day for it as it wasn't too hot. I did think of everyone at the race today and I wish I would have been smart enough to sign up early! Next year...and I have a couple trail runs yet to hit later this summer.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. SWEEETTT! Love that you guys had a great long weekend!

    Thanks for the pic's, looks lovely! What style of house are you building?

  2. LOL! Too far from civilization for us to build a house on. It is just for play...camping and stuff.