My New Baby

Meet my new baby girl. She's just one day old. Isn't she sweet? She rides as smooth as a baby's butt. I love her-but she doesn't have a name just yet. She comes from the Ford family and her middle name will be Fusion.

I decided on a Ford for one main reason...Doug's dad. He has given me a hard time (in great fun) everytime we would drive down in Jelly Bean (my retired Altima). So now he can be a beaming grandpops once again and it gives him one more reason to love me even more then he already does.
She reminds me a lot of Jelly Bean so that makes me think I'll really grow to love her even more. She just needs a name.

Here are a few names I'm pondering:

What do you think? Any suggestions? And...am I the only one that names their car?


  1. My VW bug's name is Smoosh... unfortunately her name is earned,she has a tendancy to get smooshed, and it's not always my fault!

    Congrats on the new car.. she's very pretty.. sorry not to be seeing you at the race this weekend.. Enjoy the holiday!

  2. I would definitely say Fiona is a good name!

  3. I love your new car! It is a great looking ride and it's comfie too! I like Fiona...Lucy is good too. Fiona Fusion...it sounds great! By the way it was great to see you at TNR! I love my treasures! Thank you for remembering my birthday.

  4. OHHH, that looks just like MY Fusion!!! Cool, mine is Titanium Silver!

    mmmmm, Fiona Fusion? That's kinda cute! Mine is Eddie Noell....don't ask...LMAO...

    Enjoy, they are a nicey, nice car!

  5. HOW FUNNY! Almost twinkies! See...I KNEW I liked you!

    Eddie Noelle huh (scratching my head...)I won't ask.