Ick Turns Fun

I didn't workout Monday and Tuesday so I thought I really needed to get my butt outta bed this morning and run. So last night I set my alarm for 5:30 am knowing that there was a chance of rain overnight into today and knowing how easy it is just to stay in my nice warm cozy bed when it's raining. The alarm sounded and I rolled out of bed...went and looked outside-could see that it was wet so I went in the bathroom where we have a skylight to see if I could hear the rain coming down. I didn't hear anything so I got dressed and headed out.

When I got outside it was nice and cool and it was drizzling heavily. What a great morning for a run. I enjoyed the cool temperatures and the drizzle felt nice as it pinged my face. On a normal day I get gawks just because...but this morning I really got them. People are weird. I'm certainly NOT going to melt if I get rained on people so why not get out and enjoy a run?

Back to why I haven't worked out Monday or Tuesday...as my last post mentioned, we are doing some refurbishing of the house. Sunday we went haywire and started painting (when we hadn't planned on it). I put a coat on 3 small walls. So Monday afternoon I had the afternoon off so I thought I would put the 2nd coat of paint on so when Doug came home-at least that would be done. So I slop on the 2nd coat and am feeling pretty good about contributing to the cause :). When Doug gets home he asks where I got the paint and I tell him I got it from the spare bedroom. Well...it was the WRONG paint! I had put a 2nd coat of paint on the walls with the WRONG FREAKING paint! OMG! It was so similar in color when I was putting it on and it was wet-I noticed the color difference-but just thought it was because it was wet-NOPE! We got a good laugh out of it and talked about all the stupid stuff we've done. So...Monday night I put a 3rd coat of paint on...the right color this time! And then it needed ANOTHER coat to cover up the color I had put on before. So...from Sunday night to Monday night, these three walls received 4 coats of paint. Thank God they were pretty small walls! Doh!

So now we've started on several more walls and Doug pipes up last night to suggest that we scrape the ceiling of the popcorn crap that we have up there now. So while he stained trim last night, I had the pleasure of scraping the crap off the ceiling. You think-gross...and it was...but we had the best time. We put on some tunes and danced around the house and laughed and danced some more and laughed even more. It was a great night-despite the mess-which made it even more fun.

Icky rain turns into a nice, cool run

Icky oops of wrong paint and popcorn ceiling crap turns into a great dance floor


  1. Looks like fun... NOT! LOL. Are you taking down the popcorn? I like the wall colour.

  2. Yep-taking it down...uggg...not a lot of fun-but with good company and great tunes-it makes it much more tolerable!

  3. You know, you can't take life too seriously....glad you saw the humour in this and you're making memories instead of getting your knickers in a knot!!!


    So, looks like fun was had by all...

  4. Great way to turn those lemons into lemonade. You may have inspired someone else to run in the rain when they saw you, great job.

  5. Awww shucks guys! Thanks!