Okay...I Promise

Well...not really promise-but will try to not post another consecutive blog about Molly-unless she does something else so adorable I can't resist-which is possible.

So, today, we had a new front door installed. Our old door was icky white and had a half moon glass crap thing at the top. U G L Y. Now we have a new pretty front door with a piece of stained glass that is cut out through the center of the door. Well...the glass cuts down right to Molly's eye level. She loves it. She's at the front all the time instead of having to run upstairs to look out our bedroom window. She is so funny!
In this picture, you can see her at the very bottom of the glass peeking out. Now we're going to need to replace that ugly light we have there and eventually take out those glass blocks and put in stained glass.

On the training front...it's been going well. I've seen a lot of improvement lately but did miss my Tuesday run as I was still recouping from the kidney stone aftermath. So last night it was good to meet up with our Thursday night crew. When we took off at 6:00 pm it was hot and probably in the high 80's. I squeaked out a 11:22 pace for 3 miles. For me-that is pretty darn good right now and factoring in the heat-that's great. I even took several walk breaks.

After our run we ate at our local hangout. We walk in and the waitresses and patrons just stare. Yes we're soaked, yes we stink-now give us drink! The waitress comes to take our order and asks us what we have been doing. Really now...what does it look like? Either running through the sprinklers, roofing or running...hmmm...decisions decisions. So we're sitting in soaked sweat shorts on vinyl seats and nothing seems to really dry out. This is our normal protocol-this is what we do every Thursday...so after our yummy drinks and good eats we continue on to Home Depot for some stuff for the door and Doug.Goes.Bonkers! He is scratching his butt like no tomorrow...not discreetly either...he's jumping up and down being a goof, "my ass itches!...my ass itches!" As he is having his episode, a lady walks around the aisle to witness and immediately turns right back around!

We finally get home and he jumps in the shower. The man had HUGE welts ALL over his butt. Luckily after he cooled off a bit and we put some medication on-he's back to normal. Things we experience (and then write about!) as runners...good times!

May try to hit Pilates if it is raining and we can't mark the trail tonight and then tomorrow is an easy peasy 8 miler and shopping at the local running store. Have a great weekend!


  1. She is just tooooo cute! I love the fact you made the door nose level for her! Now, for those nose smears.....LOL...

    Poor Doug, allergic to vinyl??? yup NOTHING is sacred to a writting runner!

    Hope you have a great weekend too!

  2. LOL. Poor Doug. Moe and I often go out for food after a run too, all hot and sweaty! LOL. But that sounds kinda uncomfortable. Maybe heat rash. Glad that you are feeling better and Molly is cute!

  3. Yeah-I'm sure that's what he had cuz once he cooled down and got that nasty sweat off him it settled down and then by morning it was gone.

    He was a riot though in the store. He's a mess!

  4. What a great mental picture of Doug in the store! (Doug, sorry to be laughing at your expense but c'mon, it's a funny story!)

    Sorry to hear about your kidney stones, that sounds rough, but I'm glad you were able to pick up again so quickly. Sounds like your training is going really well!