Seriously though, Sirius Radio ROCKS! I would have never ever in a million years even thought I would want or care to have it. I was under the impression...the radio works just fine and if I don't want to listen to the commercials, I'll just toss in a CD...right?

Well...a nice little perk that came with my new car was the Sirius Radio. How did I live without this? This is the best thing since...well...a lot of things! They have everything from 70's to 80's to Hair Nation to Road House to Comedy stations to Elvis Radio to E Street Radio (Brrrrucccceee) to all sorts of sports and entertainment stations to NPR to Weather and Traffic to Political Talk to all kinds of Talk Radio to anything and everything you can imagine-all without commercials. There has not been a time where I couldn't find something I liked. And with over 100 stations-I would hope so. Our favorite right now is The Coffee House. They play a lot of acoustic versions of great songs. Doug loves the guitar sound and I love the new twist.

The baby has her name now. Her name is Fiona. She is adapting well to the outside world and we are growing to love her more everyday.


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  3. Congrats on your baby. Fiona, what a fitting name. Makes me think of Fiona Apple, does your car sing "I'm an Extaordinary Machine!"

    Sorry about the deletes, I can't spell today!!

  4. I loved Sirius (only had it for 6 mos). They have a great blues station, loved it!! Big Mama Thorton, wow!!!

  5. KC Stine-Did a hockey puck hit your head? Just watching out for ya! And yes! She DOES sing "I'm an Extraordinary Machine!" That is her favorite song!

    Laurel-I LOVE the blues station. I have it programed in already!

  6. I have XM radio in my car, similar to sirius. I love it too. Never bored with music choices.