Tales of Tails on the Trails

We've been hitting the awesome new trails around the corner from our house lately. It's still not paved yet (which works for me) but assuming will be soon. I'm not sure how many more times they can run the bulldozer over it but we'll see. I'm in no hurry. I love the dirt.

Last night after Weight Training class Doug, Mols and I took a nice walk on the trails...and then this morning I got up and ran my miles because it was either going to be 95 degrees, raining or 95 degrees and raining when I got off work-so I thought I would knock it out early. I was the only one with my tail on the trail until my trek back in when I saw more tail than I wanted...
He was a bit more red than this one and maybe not as large. But when I went to leap over him he rared his nasty claws at me. I didn't stop to play or smash him but do wish I would have had my camera because I do have some non-believers...DOUG. Now why on Earth would I come home out of nowhere on a Tuesday morning run and tell you I saw a scorpion? Cuz I'm famous for telling tales I guess...Sure thing...Goose. He claims it was hot out this morning and I may have been hallucinating. Turd.


  1. YIKES, you've got some "sirus" wildlife going on there!!

    Don't let Ms. Mols play with that critter!

  2. I know! Doug asked me today if it was a crawdad or a red polar bear. Still not thinking he's believing my story.

  3. ....towards the end of my last hill repeat, I saw a large penguin. He was calling me names....

  4. I believe you Kim and somehow Doug... I believe that you probably really do see penguins out there... friendly penguins I am sure.

  5. Hey Kim, good idea, I went and ran the same trail yesterday (at least I think we're talking about the same trail, goes behind the new Walmart?), anyway, that will be realy nice when it's done.

    I didn't see any scorpions, but a large fire-breathing dragon lives under the bridge!

  6. KC Stine-Yep-same trail. We must REALLY be neighbors. We really need to meet up. Think about coming out on a Thursday night to run with us.

    Friday the dumped some gravel on part of the trails so they must be getting closer to pouring some asphalt.

    AND...I KNOW! I saw him too. He's VERY friendly. His name is Cesar.