I'm at a loss.
Our next marathon isn't scheduled until March. The end of March at that.
So that is how many weeks??
10 weeks?
10 weeks.
That seems like forever.
I think I'm actually going to have to do a couple long training runs before then instead of just jumping from one marathon to the next as my long runs. Darn it. I hoping not to go into withdraw and into lack of marathon depression.

I have my schedule ready for the first half of 2009. I have 4 marathons planned from today to the end of June, which will bring my mid-year total to 5 marathons.


  1. Go create your own marathon hot stuff!! :) Love the Disney pics. See ya in March. :D

  2. ha ha i love it, i love how other people would freak out if their marathon was 10 weeks away and you are sad. :)

  3. After I ran Boston last year, I got the post race blues. I quickly registered for a marathon a month later.

  4. Such an inspiration you are :)

  5. haha you are funny and very awesome!!! hang in there, 10 weeks will fly by :)

  6. I agree with pretty much all those comments, I can't believe you are worried about waiting 10 weeks... I've been waiting like 2 years in between :)

  7. i think the goofy went to your head ;) i've been feeling a little post-race depression myself, but not quite this bad! 10 weeks, you can survive it.