What a Beautiful Morning

Hit the trails today at 7:00 am on this January 3rd for the last training run with my Disney peeps. We were supposed to cover 6 miles, but it ended up being a long 6 that turned into 6.5 miles. I was more than okay with it as it was a glorious day to be out. 47 degrees in January. Whoo Hoo! I totally overdressed this morning, getting ready in the dark. I had 3 layers on top with a light jacket. But soon realized once I got outside, half of that wasn't needed so I stripped off 2 layers. Only to find out after my run, the shirt I did keep on, I had put on inside out. That's what I get for not laying my clothes out the night before and getting dressed in the dark.

I had a great run. The weather was PERFECT. The legs felt strong. My Garmin was ringing in some nice numbers. There was lots of chattering on the trails. The birds were chirping. A fun morning. I was feeling my Wheaties.

So after the run, I head to Starbucks to grab a Peppermint Mocha Twist-skim milk-no whip, please. The drive thru line was a little backed up. I would have gone in-but didn't want to turn my shirt right side out cuz it was nasty sweaty and cold so I opted for the drive thru. Long story short, this lady totally cut in front of me in her minivan after it was obvious I had been there before her. Or, at least, it was obvious to me. After her little maneuver, she looked back in her rear view mirror and I gave her one of my snarly looks. Which is so not pretty. And then I went about my business of jacking around on the Internet on my phone while I patiently waited in line. As I drove up to pay, the sweet girl at the drive thru told me that my drink was already paid for. The the lady in front of me paid for it cuz she felt bad. Awesome! I totally accepted her apology. Ha! Cool beans!

Then I got home, walked in the door and it was like 'POP'. Doug put up the bottom portion of the stained glass window last night in our living room, so when I walked in, there is this splash of color that is beautiful. He did such a great job. Can't wait for the other window to be finished now. Take a look:

What a great way to start off the day!


  1. I would agree with you. Perfect day. :D Good luck at Disney. Can't wait to read your race report.

  2. I wish someone would buy me coffee! Or maybe someday I need to pay for someone else's. Pass along good karma . . . Also, LOVE your windows! They are fantastic.

  3. Okay, you best us by 30 degrees but we had a great morning also. The hills were alive and I enjoyed every minute of it.

  4. so awesome about the coffee!!! wow :)

    great job on the run!

  5. this weather is unbelievable! i've been sitting on the deck reading, crazy!! Disney is going to be so great!

  6. free starbucks! sweet!! that was super nice of the line-cutting lady. i mean, people cut in line (or are rude period) all the time and don't think twice about it.

    glad one of your last training runs went extra well. i can't believe it's finally here!

  7. Just when you started to question human nature you get free coffee...what a way to start the new year! Your run sounded so much fun, the path of training for a race is often sweeter than the race itself.