Goodbye Number Three

Tonight was a Y night.
800 meter repeats.
It was to be number 3.
But I felt so damn good after number 3...
I ran number 4!

Next week...running 5...kinda already scares me.
But I have a whole week to talk myself into it.

Last night Osana and I took a ride. I love her.
Tomorrow we may take another ride.
Dare I bump up my time?
Why not?!


  1. Way to go. I have not run since Monday. The weather is terrible here. Freezing rain and snow. Schools are closed and they dont have child watch at the Y. UGH I am going stir crazy.

  2. nice job! i remember when i was building up my 800 repeats for goofy... early on i would get really psyched out over moving up to 4!