This Week In Workouts

HBBC is still in play. I may not be counting points, but certainly am keeping track of all I've been doing. Usually I just kept track of running miles but I'm going to try to keep track of it all now-make sure I get my cross training in. Yesterday looked to be a non workout day until Doug got my butt up to take a walk with Mols. It was only a mile, but a mile nonetheless.

This week's workouts are shaping up like this:
Saturday 6.5 mile run/ 2 mile walk
Sunday 1 mile walk
Monday 30 minute bike/ 3 mile walk
Tuesday will be a 3 or 4 mile run
Wednesday will be VACATION with some sort of cross training-hopefully more than house cleaning
Thursday will be a 3ish mile run at Disney
Friday will be a rest day
Saturday 13.1 mile run
Sunday 26.2 mile run

Worked from home today. Will be in the office tomorrow and then off for another week. Whoo Hoo!


  1. I like that you still count the mile walk as SOMETHING. Some people don't, but like you said - it is a mile nonetheless!

  2. I have so many points I don't have to count them. well, I'll take your points...... Just with Goofy, you'll have a thousand points....

  3. it's too bad the hbbc doesn't last until sunday. you'd kill it! :) enjoy the light week and take it easy!

  4. Got to your blog through the booty buster - good luck this weekend!

  5. I'm so excited for your race!! Are you going to take pics along the way with Goofy and Minnie? you should it's funny!

  6. Thanks for your note, Kim! I can't wait to read about your experience with the Goofy Challenge - I was thinking about signing up for it next year.

    Oh, and on the HBBC, I was rehabbing a hip injury, so I spent a lot of time hiking and reading for my dissertation while pushing it on the stationary bike :) (I'm sure you don't care that much, but just in case, the point breakdown is a little ways down on the right side of the blog)