I Love Holidays

Slept in this morning. It was a nice luxury after yesterday's self alarm clock ringing in at 4:30 am. Doug soon became a little stir crazy so we took some things to Goodwill and then decided to do some shopping for the house.

Haven't worked out today-yet. The run in the snow on Saturday wore this body out. I could feel it yesterday when we walked Mols 5 miles. I need to get to the Y and loosen these legs up.

Doug started another home improvement project of sanding down the mantle of the fireplace so we can stain it the color we desire. He's the best ever. And certainly knows how to make a mess. I keep reminding myself it will be beautiful when it's complete.

House AND 24 are both on tonight-two of our favorite shows. So we'll be relaxing. Probably with a glass of wine in hand. Enjoying our evening before duty calls tomorrow when we head back to work. Enjoy your day.

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