Dancing Doughnut Dreams

Last night, dreams of doughnuts danced in my head.
I could see.feel.smell.taste them.
I could hardly get back to sleep because I was imagining the sugary feel on my tongue.
I kept wishing the alarm would sound so I could Get.Me.Some.Doughnuts.Damn.It!
The alarm finally sounds and I am excited. The doughnut shop is open. Heee. Heee.
I kiss Doug and wish him a great day at work then Mols and I head out to walk to the doughnut shop.
"I'll have a dozen doughnut holes," I hear myself tell the lady as I'm smiling...almost giddy.
Then I think to myself, "twelvvvee doughnut holes?? Is six not enough??" Nope. It sure wasn't.
We did make it all the way home without me having one. I just knew how great they were going to taste with my yummy hot coffee. But then I couldn't wait for the coffee to brew so I grabbed the sack and popped the soft, doughy pieces of heavenly sugar one by one into my watery mouth.
Then I looked in the bag, shook it. And then shook it again. What? That's all of them? Some must have fallen out of the bag on my way home. I'm sure of it. Ha!
So...how many doughnut holes make one doughnut? 3?...6? My thought? Who cares! I wanted them. I was craving them. I ate them. I loved them. That's that. And I walked to get them...1.5 miles worth. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.


  1. :) I used to walk to McDonald's for their soft serve ice cream, don't know why I just craved it sometimes

  2. Oh no, now I want doughnuts. Thanks a lot:)
    You definitely deserved them, especially since you walked to get them!

  3. I had to check twice as to be sure I wasn't reading the "I'll Run for Donuts" blog! Nice thing about being a runner is that we can cheat often on our healthy diets, my favorite sin is Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia Ice Cream.

  4. now i want donuts! mmm. i hate getting to the bottom/end of any delicious treat. hope you were able to resist turning around for more! ;)