Mish Mash

  • School has started. It's crazy but will soon settle...in May.
  • I haven't worked out for two days but will get in a run tomorrow.
  • Have you seen the trailer for "He's Just Not That Into You"? "You know, MySpace (or Facebook) is the new booty call"... This quote cracks me up! I love all the girls in this movie...Drew and Jennifer are two of my favorites. Should be a fun chick flick.
  • The house is mess-but Doug is turning it into a masterpiece.
  • I'm ready for the weekend even though I have only been back to work for 2 days.


  1. So agree with you on Number 3 and 5! :) Can't wait to see the movie, and come to me weekend! you are too far away!

  2. Totally saw the preview for that movie this weekend and got really excited! Fun!! Enjoy school!

  3. I'm ready for the weekend too..and I"ve been here all week.

    What are you in school for? I enjoy school, but only when not combined with any form of work...as in the glory college days of complete slackerism.

  4. haven't heard about this movie (i'm so cut off from the world) but it looks so good! i love chick flicks. almost the weekend now, you can make it. :)