Happy New Year!

We had a great time last night being with friends we hadn't seen in a while. Lots of stories, laughing, food and beer were had by all. After the toast and kiss at midnight, we were one of the first couples to head for the road, around 12:45ish and of course, was given a hard time about it. Everyone wanted to know why. We let them know we were running New Year's Day morning. Somehow Doug's 10 miles he was running, turned into our 10 miles.

So we crawled into bed around 1:30 and rolled outta bed about 8:30. So we actually got a decent amount of sleep.

We met up with RuntoFinish this morning before the run. What a doll! This tiny, cute, super speed demon. I'm not sure we could run together unless I pulled a Tonya Harding on her to slow her down. I promise, that WON'T happen...Just Sayin'...she's WAY faster than I am. Which is fine, we'll just have to meet up before and after runs.

We took off and honestly once we got started, I still wasn't sure what sort of mileage I was going to cover. I was pondering 6. But then remembered my spouting off last night that I was going to run 10. Why did I do that? I guess it sounded good at the time.

I started out strong and felt really good. So I decided to cover 10. Why not start the New Year with double digits. After Doug realized I was running long he slowed down so I could catch up and we ran our miles together. Mrs. Speedy was coming back as we were still heading out and she turned around to run with us a bit. Then I was dying and needed to walk so we said our Happy New Year's and nice to meet you's and she scooted on.

We hit our 5 mile turn around and was doing great. The wind to our backs now. Ahhh...Then we ran into some poor girl that lost her group. She was supposed to do 3 miles total and she was already at almost 5. Yikes! She about cried when we told her it was 5 miles back. So we told her there was a gas station about a mile up so she could call her friends to come get her. Poor thing!

We finished with an 11:04 average for 10 miles. I was very happy with that. Especially considering the long talk we had with the lost girl and the water stop we were at forever as I was pouring everyone drinks.

It's nice to log 10 miles already for 2009!

Then it was home where feta eggs were made and a hot bath with a bath bomb were in order. Doug started working on his stained glass project and we were watching a CSI marathon when Mols let us know it wasn't quite fair that there had been no walk for her yet, so off we went for a 2 miler.

Now we're all back home, the fire is crackling and we're hanging out for the rest of the afternoon. What a great way to ring in 2009! Happy New Year!


  1. awesome job on 10 miles!!!! way to start the year off great :)

  2. That is a fantastic way to start 2009!

  3. Great start to 2009! I'm jealous. We don't have any runs around here to start off the new year. Maybe I'll have to organize one or two or three. LOL Looking forward to the 1/2 in March.

  4. Happy New Year! Doesn't it feel good to start the year off right like that? And not because you've made a resolution - but because that's what your life is like. Way to go!

  5. sweet start to the new year! i wish i had that much drive today. you are awesome.

  6. Way to go on the 10 miles to start the year!

  7. Great way to start out the New Year! --Alex

  8. Happy New Year to you too! Sounds like an awesome 10 mile start to the year :)

  9. A Tonya Harding reference, I love it! If you ran 10 miles every day of the year..........

  10. HAPPY NEW YEAR Girlfriend....all the very best to Doug, Mols and of course to you!

    Looking forward to reading all about your exciting experiences in the coming year...