Just Mousin' Around

Time is getting close for Marathon Numero Uno for 2009.
So before we get there, I thought I would take a look back to our Disney trip 2008.
Doug was coaching and I ran the marathon. It was my first time to Disney World.
We shared a lot of good times with many friends, like eating Mickey Mouse pancakes with Steff, running Carrie's first marathon with her and watching fireworks every night.
This year, we're going Goofy. We're doing both the half marathon AND the marathon.
We looked into signing up for the 5K on Friday, but it was sold out.
This year, I'm looking forward to many more memories and am expecting a little more pain.
It'll be worth it carrying home 3 mega medals. I'll be certain to post pictures.
Looking forward to some nice weather. Watching the palm trees blow in the breeze. Run a couple miles. Eat Mickey Mouse pancakes. Relax. And have a fantastic time.


  1. Happy taper and travels - see you in Disney World! GO TEAM!

  2. I hope you have an awesome time. Take lots of pics!

  3. Have fun and yell at some Michigan folks, Go Team!

  4. I will be in a lime green singlet that says "Arthritis Society" on it. They are green and BRIGHT so I suspect that even a crowd of thousands I can be spotted. :) I believe there are approximately 60 other people in the same shirt thought...If you do decide on a meeting time at the expo, I will try to do my best but with the jammed packed schedule, I not sure I can say for certain. I am at the mercy of my two little monkeys who are in countdown mode until we leave....three more sleeps....

  5. yeah you know, we'll run a couple miles. maybe get in a long run or something.

    make it sound a little more casual why don't ya. i'm going nuts over here. why did i sign up for this? what kind of drugs was i on? i'm going to need them in a few days. lol.

    i, too, am excited for the sweet weather, eating on outdoor patios, and even the running 39.3 miles part. was anything ever decided on for an expo-meet-up? i understand if it's before i get there...(i probably won't make it to the expo until 5 or 6, terrific!) just wonderin'.