HBBC Comes to a Close

I'm sad to say HBBC ends today. I really enjoyed the challenge of keeping up some sort of workout routine during the holiday season. The best thing that's come from this is my return to cross-training. I have really enjoyed trying some new things and have really benefited. My running has become stronger and easier. I feel a little lighter and my muscles, a little tighter. I certainly plan on keeping up my running, my biking, walking Mols and the other cardio workouts I've been doing. Maybe once the gym settles down from all the yahoos returning to the gym for their short lived New Year's resolution, I may return to take some classes.

Below is a breakdown of my workouts during HBBC:

Walk (with Mols)-20
Total 89 points

Thanks RunToFinish for all your hard work putting this together! It's been VERY helpful.

Add to that another Molly Mile...so 90 points. It's so darn cold out. I really didn't expect to get out today, but the fire burnt out and Doug wanted to 'pick up sticks' to get the fire going again, so we took our usual 1 mile Molly walk to do that. The fire is going again and I plan on sitting next to it all night.


  1. good stuff!! I know that I get in a habit of not cross training and this definitely helped me get back on track with that.

    i've never heard of Christopher Elbows, but I'm up for it!

  2. How have I not seen this place before?!?! Maybe that could be the post race treat for the Virtual 7 on the 7th..assuming I can run by then!