What do THEYYYY Know?

Word on the street is we're supposed to be receiving 4-8 inches of snow...rain...ice on Saturday. With winds of 15-25 mph.
Good times...
I'm a girl who loves a challenge.
This could be fun.
And I can blame my crappy time on the crappy weather.
Sounds fair, 'eh?
But the Olathe Marathon is in jeopardy of being cancelled cuz they are saying they don't want people getting creamed by sliding cars and such.
Fine...they are no fun.
But for anyone that knows Kansas weather, it can change on a dime or they can have the forecast all wrong.
I say, 'what do theeyyy know?'
But since Abby's hearing about it on her news station, when she lives in Philly, there may be something to this.
It's almost April people.
I guess all we can do is wait.
Doug has this fabulous idea of if the marathon does get cancelled to just continue to the YMCA and do our 26.2 miles on the dreadmill.
So far...I don't think he has any takers.


  1. If I were in Kansas, I'd totally treadmill it with you...

  2. maybe it's really a tornado....do you live near the yellow brick road?

  3. Ouch! 26.2 miles on a treadmill...just reading that makes me hurt.

    Too bad about the bad weather.

  4. stupid stupid weathermen...dumb email bout the race. i say TRUDGE ON PEOPLE WE ARE HARD CORE.. ok no I'm not doing 26.2 on the mill, but I'll do my 13.1 and then cheer :)

  5. hope to see at the frisco - i am registered for the 50k and am pretty pumped. my long run best is 22 miles, so this event will be a first for me.

  6. Um, a big heck NO to the treadmill marathon:) I hope the weather cooperates for you...seriously, it is the end of March!

  7. That stinks. I heard on the news here this morning that (yay) the snow was going to miss us, but just barely. They were saying Falls City (hour NW of St. Joe) could expect it. Sorry, but man it's the midwest. We had tornadoes in Omaha and blizzards in the panhandle earlier this week. Hold out, maybe it'll miss you guys too!

  8. Wow, canceling this far in advance, it must be a doozy of a storm. What's your Plan B?

  9. gross idea doug! but i suppose it would make for a good story.

    i hope the storms don't come true! that would majorly suck :(

  10. Rob-I think you'll be just fine at Frisco with the nice flat, soft trail. It should be a great race for your first race (let alone a 50K!)

    We should certainly meet up. That would be fun.