Pretty in Pink

This is a flower from one of our peach trees.
See all the pink flowers!
So pretty.
Doug and I ran at the YMCA tonight.
It's way windy outside.
I'm sooo not ready for this marathon on Saturday.
I'm just going to go out and enjoy myself.
They are calling for rain, snow or ice...they don't know yet.
We'll just wait and see and make the best of it.
Tonight I'm off to meet my friend, Leesa, for some coffee.
It'll be fun to get together with her.


  1. I was wondering if you are still going to do the full. I think I may run with you to start out and keep it slow...I may have to DNF we'll see.

    It was crazy windy today but I HAD to go outside.

  2. Good luck! Thats a pretty flower!

  3. Good Luck, girl! This midwest weather is crap! Why can't it decide and stay warm? It keeps tempting us and then freezing and blowing the snow back in...

    Okay, off my midwest rant. Good luck this weekend! You'll do great!!!

  4. Hey, maybe you'll get lucky and have all of them (rain, snow and ice). The one thing we have no control of.

  5. Lucky you to have such wonderful tree flowers already. Our trees are tighter than a frog's arse...it is still very cold here.

    Good luck with your run and visit this weekend!!