I Just Love Him...

Just look at those stained glass windows!
And that shiny floor!
Aren't they beautiful?!
Thanks babe!
You are awesome!
Now Doug is finishing up the flooring in the dining room area and then it's off to get a new dining room set we have our eyes on.
Got my 8 miler in on Sunday on the newly paved trails right outside our front door.
It was nice not having to go anywhere.
The weather was perfect.
Less than a week before Olathe.
So excited to have Nikemom coming to stay with us!


  1. So gorgeous! That is your house! Wow he is amazing. You will do great a Olathe! :)

  2. That is beautiful. Nice work.

  3. Wow, that looks amazing!

    Good work, Doug!

  4. Oh my gosh! That looks AMAZING! Seriously! I want to come over, have a cup of coffee, and just sit there! Lucky, girl.

  5. That looks gorgeous, I am so impressed!!

  6. wow! turned out gorgeous!! i think i need some home updates... :)