Happy St. Patrick's Day

For St. Patrick's Day, I decided to 'go green' today:
  • Make a famous green smoothie
  • Take my canvas bags to the grocery store to purchase my goodies for my green smoothie-this being the first time...ever.

Yes...Doug is rolling his eyes right about now. He loves the green movement.

My smoothie....it didn't turn out green. It's more the color of...oh let's say...baby diarrhea. So it looks like I'll have to celebrate with a Bailey's to make it official for St. Patrick's Day.

Took a half day off work to bask in this beautiful 77 degree weather. The Molster and I went for a 2 mile walk and then I ran 3 miles. You can tell Spring is in the air when horns are honking as they drive by and men are in their backyard playing horseshoes, drinking beer, hooting and hollaring as you run by. Gotta appreciate their nerve.


  1. What did you put in it????

  2. Mine always turn out baby-turd green too. Enjoy your Bailey's!

  3. yeahhh the flax and strawberries keep mine from generally being green...but did it taste ok?

  4. you sure make it tempting to ask for today's smoothie recipe! mmm baby diarrhea! ;)

  5. I love it when they honk at me......

  6. Oh Ken, he is such a card!

    Yea for Bailey's, it fixes everything!!