Ice Ice Baby

The Olathe Marathon was cancelled last night due to the lovely weather forecasters insisting we were doomed for 10+ inches of snow.

We woke around 7:30 am to dry streets. By 8:30 it was raining off and on and did eventually turn to ice. We're yet to see a single snowflake. But, as far as I'm concerned, the Olathe Marathon Committee made the right choice with the information they were given. Even if the ice did come in later in the morning, it would have made for a nasty, soppy, cold mess of a run. And I'm much happier nice and dry right now.

We had no takers on Doug's treadmill marathon. I think it could have been fun. But honestly, am glad no one else thought it was a great idea. Instead, I'm nice and cozy at home. Doug's laying flooring and soon we'll be bottling wine and watching the MU game.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Sounds perfect as it is, I'm sure Mols is in the mix too!


  2. It sounds like the made the best decision with the participants in mind. No worries for you since you have another marathon scheduled in just a few days!!