A Perfect Saturday

This morning we slept in til about 7:30. It was heaven. Doug's had a nasty cold lately and he decided not to run. Which means...I decided not to run. I'll run my 8 miles tomorrow morning.

Instead, we took the pup for a 2 mile walk. And it was so relaxing. I brewed by favorite Dunkin' Donuts coffee, then we mozied to the newly asphalted trail right outside our front door. I'm sooooo thrilled it's completed. It's perfect!

Then it was back home to shower and get ready to head to Dean and Deluca's to meet up with Stephanie and Christopher Elbow...my favorite chocolateer, where he'll be presenting some of his chocolates. Then we're (Steff and me...Christopher can join if he would like) headed to lunch to catch up since I haven't seen Steff lately.

After lunch I'm going to stop by work and pick up my crap since next week is my last week I'll be working there! I'm looking forward to having the Spring/Summer off. I say I don't know what I'm going to do with myself, but it isn't going to be hard to find things to do around here. Doug's already started a list. First thing...sand down the kitchen cabinets to re-stain them. Should be good times! I really can't wait!

Then, I'm going to head back home and start bread making. Abby has me frothing at the mouth to make some homemade bread and it's the perfect day to do it. The windows are open, but it's still just a tad cool, so it'll be fantastic to have the house smelling fabulous and some warm bread to warm the belly.

I'm not sure the day can get much better.


  1. Let's start a blogosphere bread baking craze!

  2. Ahhh i love the smell of fresh baked bread! Sounds like a great day!! Hope the run goes well tomorrow morning!

  3. I wish I had a trail from my front door!! I live in the middle of a concrete jungle with busy intersections :(

  4. ok wait you won't be working there anymore? what did I miss?

    ohhh christopher, I heart thee

  5. How did the bread turn out?

  6. sounds like a perfect day to me :)

  7. Amanda-It turned out like crap! I think my yeast died-maybe?

    I'm not giving up though!

  8. mmm sleeping in. i am jealous. hope you had a good weekend though!