I Signed My Name on the Dotted Line

I officially signed up for the Olathe Marathon today.
Thank you RuntoFinish and the Olathe Marathon committee for my free entry!
It should be a great race. It can't get much better when it's a hometown race...to roll outta bed and be there in 5 minutes.
There is a whole new course this year that looks to be much more exciting than years past.
The race starts at Garmin Headquarters. How cool is that. I'll be sure to take some pics so you all know where your Forerunners were born.

The marathon is 3.28.09 so I have a month from tomorrow to get ready.
As a lot of you know, it's been 3 weeks since my last run due to my Achilles issues. I'm really hoping to get in a 6 miler Sunday to see how it feels. Please send me good running vibes!

First going in to the Olathe Marathon, I was ready to get in some speed work (which is I think what got me put on the injured list) and see what I could do with this marathon time-wise. That's obviously out of the question now since I ran 13 miles the whole month of February. And my last long run was 14 miler in late January.

So...my goal for Olathe is to be healthy.

It seems like it's been forever since Disney.
It's time for another marathon.
Just 4 short weeks away.


  1. Awesome! I'm doing the half. I still just cannot comprehend doing a marathon 2 months in a row, and since I'm doing OKC, well, it was the half for Olathe! :)

  2. Yay! That sounds great and I'm sure tons of people want to know where their garmin was born! :)

  3. You should be able to get a signal really quick.... Be careful with that injury.

  4. fingers crossed for us both and lots of prayers and hello is someone up there we'd like to go run now! if I can't soon we need something stronger than beer.

    did you get my email about the girls movie?

  5. 4 weeks to train. You are wonder woman.

  6. OK, I want free registration. :) I haven't registered yet. But it's on the list to do. Rock on Olathe!!!!

  7. That is great that you signed up for another marathon! Hope your Achilles is feeling better for the run!

  8. Good luck! Any chance they give out free garmins in the schwag bags?

  9. if only disney gave away free entries! $$ :) good luck training for olathe. i hope the achilles gets in gear asap!

  10. you can do it! gooood luck!

  11. SO exciting!!!! hope you were able to get a pain free run in today!