A Man of Many Talents

Okay...most of you know I have a man at home that does not sit still. Ever. He is always doing something. Or thinking up the next project.

He runs.
He plays guitar.
He has almost renovated our whole house.
He makes wine.
He makes beer.
He makes cheese.
He grows grapes.
He does stained glass projects.
And now...
It never ceases to amaze me on what is going to be next.
Here is a picture of what we're in the middle of now:
He is putting in the unstained floor himself and then staining it. Along with tile work in front of the fireplace.

So...in middle of new floors being laid. Whiskey being aged. A half done stained glass project waiting to be finished when new glass comes in...chocolate port wine in the process...homemade backyard wine being brewed...I think it's time to start making hard cheese.

Isn't he AWESOME! Thanks for ALL you do. You are amazing babe. Love you!


  1. ...and when he's done with your house, I have a 100 yr old house that could use some work!! Kidding, my husband actually does a GREAT job of renovating, but I can't get him to run (or make alcohol, but come to think of it I haven't ever suggested it...) You are a lucky, lucky woman, butI think you also forgot to add that he's a VERY, VERY nice guy too!

  2. Oh yes CMB-Doug is VERY VERY NICE. I could blog another full, long entry on why I love him, how kind he is and how smart he is, etc...

    This is just to say what a busy body the man is and how he is always going out on a limb to try new things and how much I love everything he does.

  3. wowy...he really makes david look like a lush. :) hope you popped open a bottle of that tastey wine together yesterday!

    When are you allowed to get back to running?

  4. Whatever RTF! D is not a lush and I'm not meaning to compare. Just that Doug is really Superman sometimes. Nothing is ever too big for him to tackle. He really baffles me with some of the stuff he does.

    I'm not sure about the running. Just got off the bike and stopped it short cuz the old tootsies were getting tired and I didn't want to strain them. Hopefully by the end of the week. We'll see. Keep your fingers crossed.

  5. Wow, those floors look great!

    Doug definitely sounds like a keeper :)

    And maybe he can explain this chocolate wine business to me...

  6. Abby-I was laughing when I read your blog. I certainly hope this chocolate raspberry port taste like chocolate and raspberry (unlike what you had this weekend). We'll let you know once it's bottled. :)

  7. Does he have a brother?

  8. love the floors! and who can complain about free alcohol!! i need some housework done, is he for rent? :)

  9. Sarah-You're in line behind Lily on the Road for the brother. :)

    Lindsay-I'm sure he would be happy to come out if we can schedule a marathon around it!

  10. he is definitely awesome :)

  11. That's so fun that he has all those projects. The floors look great, and I love chocolate port!

  12. What a talent ! Love the pics. Your place is awesome.
    Thanks for all of the encouragement.

  13. Wow, keep up the great work Doug!

    thanks Kim, I'm just having a "year" so far, I can't believe I haven't passed the shirt along...

  14. Love the pics, Wow! He really is handy and a keeper! :)

  15. Geez, he makes us guys look bad...I can't even make mold.

  16. can I come stay for a weekend? all that sounds heavenly!