Time to Renew

And it starts with getting a new 'do' tonight. It always helps to get beautified.
Actually...it started last night when I finally felt a sense of calm. I took time to gaze at the beautiful moon and it brought this sense of calm over me. Weird...I know, to some of you. But I can't deny it. And I think that's what kicked me in the pants to say settle down...relax, my friend.
It's time to Spring Clean. And I'm not just speaking of the closets. I'm talking about a lot of things in my life right now that seem to not have a place or are very chaotic.
Time to pull back...assess...get rid of the crap that's not needed...arrange...and move forward.
Time to throw out what doesn't matter and start focusing on things that do.
I'm so ready!


  1. i looove feeling renewed :)

  2. too bad you didn't stick with ceramics, i'm sure that would have been calming making 40 ash trays.

    have fun with the do!

  3. great post. I need some spring cleaning in every part of my life right now.

  4. I need to spring clean too!! Great post Kim!