Friday the 13th

I love hokey holidays like Friday the 13th. They are silly and fun.

I hope everyone enjoys the day and the weekend. Maybe tonight Doug and I can sit down to watch Friday the 13th. I can act frightened and he can pull me near and cuddle.

And then maybe tomorrow, watch Saturday the 14th. Has anyone seen that? It's a spoof on Friday the 13th. It's really bad...but fun.

Good luck to those racing this weekend. Have a great time and enjoy yourself!


  1. LOL- never heard of Sat the 14th.. Funny. Have a great weekend

  2. Sounds like a fun night - except I would seriously be freaked out. I don't do so well with those kind of movies! (well, maybe of the Saturday the 14th variety would be okay).

  3. haha i've never heard of saturday the 14th, but it sounds more like my kind of movie than friday...