Saturday the 14th

Yes...Valentine's Day. Yet another hokey holiday like Friday the 13th.
I may offend some of you...if so...I'm sorry.
And...let me preface this by saying I'm not jaded.
I just think Valentine's Day is stupid.
Why do I want to get flowers from someone because they feel they have to get me flowers?
Why not send me flowers some random day...just because?
And...why do I want to get flowers at the office when another 100 women in the office are going to receive flowers? Now that makes me feel special.
I guess I don't mind Valentine's Day if you do something because you want to. But don't do it cuz you feel you have to. This is what my friend Steff does. She does this 'thing' because she enjoys every minute of it. She loves VD...but she is the sweetest, most thoughtful thing around and it makes me smile to think of her on VD. Steff...I hope you have a great day!
Now I do like the random hokey things like buying a heart shaped sugar cookie at the work cafeteria and having them personalize it. Why? Cuz I felt I had to? Nope. I did it cuz I wanted. Then I got even hokier (is that a word) and brought home a heart shaped pizza and (not so hokey) blackberry beer:

Then we watched Friday the 13th last night. It has been years and years since I last saw this movie. We laughed and poked fun of it. I could hardly remember any of the movie. And REALLY didn't remember the ending. I totally screamed and jumped out of my seat. Then we laughed...it was a fun hokey night.

Today, I bought a new pair of running shoes. They are pink this go round too-which makes me happy. What better than receiving pink Nimbus on Valentine's Day?!

There has been no running this past week and I'll be lucky if I get any in this week the way my heels are feeling. We'll see. I'm planning on getting on the bike but right now the dog is demanding she be taken for a walk. So off we go...

May you receive all the jujubes and candy canes your heart desires. LOL!!!


  1. Happy VD, I gave Sandy a bag of Bit-O-Honey..... That pizza sounds like a good idea.

  2. I'm buying a heart shaped pizza tonight. I love any excuse for a party!

  3. I'm with you on VD day Kim.. I would much rather my husband buy me flowers when he felt like it, not when he is required to. Such a silly day! I'm hoping those new running shoes are magic and you can get running again quick!

  4. agreed that people should do nice things and say i love you all the time, but sadly they don't. for me it was just a good excuse to talk D in to cooking for me!

  5. I agree with you..we also had pizza for Valentines!

  6. Just a follow up - I didn't get pizza. I felt too guilty! I did eat popcorn though while I babysat.