Learning. A lot.

At school...I had a crazy scramble at the beginning of this semester because I was supposed to take a really easy ceramics class. My motto was 'ash trays for everyone' at Christmas. Nevermind, no one I know smokes.

The instructor was TOO MUCH and told the class we wouldn't be making ash trays or coffee cups. Well...that crushed my my artistic drive (how dare him tell me what I can't make) so I dropped the class and entered a speech/communications class.
For real.
I know.
But he really was over the top and this was Ceramics I. I have no artistic ability and this man was looking for true masterpieces. So...here I am in speech class and it's much more up my alley. Until this week...
So what do we do in speech class? Look at the beauty...
Now you understand why I dropped ceramics!
Actually...this was a really fun activity. It was 'non-verbal' night. So we entered the class silently, had to get in groups by our eye color (without talking) and then again, without talking (all night)...'make a castle'.
See the flag. The gargoyle. The moat is hard to see with the gargoyle in front of it. And the green thing in the back (on the roof) is a princess. With 7 of us in our group, we made this masterpiece without a word. I know...Spectacular! You can have your very own for $29.95.
Ceramics instructor...eat your heart out!


  1. too funny! so you still had to be creative...but no ash tray

  2. hahahahaha, I thought there were two gargoyles...ah, it is a princess...who knew and YES, it is spectacular!!

  3. That is so awesome. We used to have silent time in our practices for bball because we had 2 deaf athletes. We would have to communicate without talking and such and it really made us all appreciate being able to hear and talk.

  4. Love the castle. I bet that was tough to do without speaking.

  5. I have been thinking about the comment you left on my blog.... Thanks... I needed the reminder of what my body can do, who cares what it looks like. You are a gem.

  6. too bad about the ashtrays, coulda had a giveaway for all of us runners! :) i definitely thought those were both gargoyles... sorry. i hope you weren't in charge of the princess figure! :)

  7. I love it. That is something that's 100% up my ally. That's almost something I'd want to try with some of my higher functioning students. Although this isn't speech related, we used to teach the general education 1st graders what it was like to lack one sense. For example, they had to wear glasses smeared with Vaseline to know what eye issues were like.

    Plus, I made ashtrays in undergrad and my dad eats his breakfast out of a cereal bowl I made. You should investigate and see if there's a different teacher. Maybe try and take it again?

  8. I really want to go back to school now. For real. Have fun!