A Written Reminder...

More for myself...but please feel free to continue if you so choose.

  • Work can be stressful. Be appreciative you have a job today.
  • Not being able to run can feel defeating. Be appreciative you have legs to run on once they heal.
  • School can be hard to juggle. Be appreciative you can read to go to school.
  • The house is a mess with dust and renovations. Be appreciative you have a roof over your head and it's becoming more beautiful as the days pass.
  • Feeling like a blob cuz you've had one too many snacks. Be appreciative there is food at your table.
  • Family can sometimes wear you out. Love them today. You may not have them tomorrow.

I like to think I'm a very positive person. Always looking on the bright side of things. I'm a glass half full girl. Just sometimes when things get heavy, I need a jolt. All of the above have had a recent impact on my life...some, in more ways that I want to discuss right now, but thank God I have Doug and great friends to listen and love me. And Molly, to be a tard and lick my face to make me smile.

Whew...that was pretty cheap therapy. I really do feel better. Now...for some homemade cheese and blackberry beer and blueberry muffins. YES...can you believe it?? Doug has made his own cheese now. Wine...beer...home renovations...cheese...and yes...there is more to come....stay tuned! He's the best.


  1. I'm so the same way. Thanks for these reminders and I'm glad that everyone in the blog world is so inspiring, loving and caring. It's amazing therapy! :) xoxo

  2. Please tell me where you got this blackberry beer!
    And yes, always good to be grateful for everything we have.

  3. It's Blackberry Witbier by Sam Adams. GIve it a whirl!

  4. Good attitude! Things are always so much better when you can remember to have a sense of humor about it (I should know!). Cheese, beer, and muffins! Yumm

  5. great attitude. all very true points we easily forget! homemade cheese sounds delicious... mmmmm

  6. I am hungry and a little thirsty now.

  7. Wow! Great sentiments, and so close to home!

  8. homemade cheese??? wowsers! whole post was inspiring. :)

  9. I can relate 100% to 6 things you are looking at in a more positive light. I can also relate to being a glass half full type of girl. That's me. Life can be hard, but that's life. We learn to manage through out experiences. Kudos on your positive attitude. It's hard, but it gets us through it.