Pamper Thyself to Torture Thyself

Today I'm going to pamper myself a bit before I torture my body tomorrow in the marathon. I'm Dr. Reed bound at lunch today for him to manipulate my body. Oh how I love how he does it! If it wasn't for Dr. Reed, this body would not have run another marathon after my first. I truly believe he is the sole reason I'm still able to run like I do. With having scoliosis and as a result, having two Harrington (stainless steel) rods bolted on each side of my spine, it's amazing to me that my back can take the pounding that I give it.

I had back surgery in the 7th grade. Within a month's time my world was changed. I had gone to the doctor for a basketball physical and he found my scoliosis. He immediately sent me to Dr. Jackson, the surgeon who performed my surgery. Within a month I was having surgery. Most cases (way back when) they would put a brace on you...you would have to sleep in it every night or even wear it to school...come back and see the doctor...did it get any better? Yes...a little...so we'll continue this for a year thing. Not with me. In a month's time, my back had gotten so bad so fast, Dr. Jackson said that I would end up in a wheelchair if I didn't have the surgery performed. So I did. I was in surgery for 7 hours. After surgery, he told us that not only was my back S shaped, I was swaybacked and that my spine was twisted like a pretzel. He also informed us that I had a slight case of spina bifida which is basically a hole in the spine where it did not fuse properly. So...as a result of all that drama...it's amazing that I even can walk!

So...back to pampering. After work I'm going to the beauty shop. Not the beauty shop of Fric and Frac though. I'm going to get my hair cut and highlighted. It's long overdue. That will be nice and relaxing before the big day tomorrow.

And I think I've convinced my boss into springing us out of work early! Happy Friday!

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  1. Wow - you are one tough mama... rebuilt spine and all - you carry yourself like someone who has never had physical challenges like that. Good luck with the springing from work early thing - I'm thinking I may try that myself!