I Am Loving Life

Yoga...I am loving life right now. Last night I went to class (after a week off for spring break) and it just reminded me (like it always does) of how much I love yoga. I love the peacefulness, I love the focus and I love being the last one standing in tree pose-I can balance like no one's business! As a result of a peaceful yoga session, I slept like a baby last night and it felt great. What else gives you such a feeling that lasts so long? Yes, some of you might think of one other thing.

Trail Running...it's the night for trial running. It's been so muddy lately, I'm not sure if I'll head out to trail run tonight or if I'll hit the pavement.

I'm afraid of becoming sore the week of a marathon so I took it easy in yoga last night and would probably take it easy trail running tonight too. I'll probably opt for an easy 3 miler on the pavement.

Life...I love to hear stories of my best friend's boys. She has two small boys who are three and two. Let's call them Fric and Frac. They are less then a year apart and the most adorable boys ever-but how Karen does it-I have no earthly idea-God love her for her for it though. Last night they decided to play beauty shop and cut their hair. I can't WAIT to see pictures. Aunt Kim LOVES it. Loves it all...the thought of Fric thinking it was a good idea to cut his and Frac's hair...but the funniest part is the fact that he REALLY thought he did a stellar job. Good thing spring has sprung and it's time for a buzz cut! Gotta love those boys.

Things that make me smile. Ahhh...

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