I am a Jello Jiggler today. My thighs are feeling it after 26.2 yesterday. I'm assuming it can't have anything to do with me not doing what I am supposed to do after a marathon 'eh? What? You mean you're supposed to take an ice bath instead of a steamy hot shower? Oh...And you mean you're supposed to stay active and keep moving instead of going to bed for a movie, ice cream and a several hour nap? Oh...You would think this was my first marathon. It's okay. I KNOW what I'm supposed to do, I didn't do it and now I'm paying the piper. I don't care -it was worth it.

This week is going to consist of recovering, yoga, a few easy runs and preparing for the St. Louis Half Marathon with Karen a week from today. I'm betting she is going to take off an hour or an hour and a half off her time from last year. That is-if I can keep up with her and don't slow her down! She's going to rock this race and then she's turning around to train for her first marathon we'll do together too. I'm looking forward to experiencing the Nike Women's Marathon with her-it's going to be a blast! Just one more thing to look forward to this year.

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  1. Sometimes you have to just chuck it all in and take the ice cream and the sleep! I know that is what I was doing on Saturday afternoon!!
    I think it is wonderful that you and Karen are doing these races together... it's just cool that you and your best friend share the love of this sport :)
    Congratulations on completing a well-run-tough-as-hell marathon!